After reviewing in detail position statements and press releases I have to admit that most of the earlier information I had was dated and impossible to verify.

On the contrary I found evidence of the Senator’s support for Israel in the past two years.

My apologies to the Senator and to my readers!

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  1. Mark Davdson Says:


    I don’t have the time to go over all the allegations in this, but its fairly obvious from Sen. Brown’s overall record and the general overwhelming support he enjoys in the local Jewish community that he’s not “Anti-Israel.” I’m sure he tacticly may disagree once in a while with AIPAC’s stance on something. That doesn’t make him “anti-AIPAC” and I doubt that they see him as such. I bet these votes against aid were unimportant and that he’s voted for aid to ISrael consistently when it counts.

    You shouldn’t trash J-Street as being “anti-Israel” either. People have diffrences of opinion over Israel but it doesn’t mean that they are opposed to Israel. At the last J-Steeet event I went to, there were at least 3 rabbis in the room and countless Jewish communal professionals I’ve worked with over the years.

    This is all uselessly inflammatiory.

  2. Bass Says:

    He isn’t anti semitic but he is against the actions of Israel. Israel is the big bully on the playground who shoves a kid on the ground, and when the kid punches back, Israel goes crying to it’s big daddy the U.S. for 2 billion dollars to buy some white phosphorous and drop it on the palestinians

    • leanpower Says:

      You have your facts backwards, Israel is not and can not bully anyone! Israel since independence dealt with a hostile Arab world that is a hundred times it’s size, many more times richer, more aggressive and violent and supported by a billion Muslims world wide. And you call Israel the bully? You must be some one who will applaud the bullies who push gay peers to suicide because they are different!
      Israel isn’t facing a few gangs when it deals with Hamas it is facing Iran, and Syria, when it deals with Hyzbullah it s again dealing with Iran, the PA is supported by Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Arab League!

      Too bad your knowledge and understanding of the middle east starts with disinformation and propaganda.

      Further more more gazans were killed by their tyrant regime of Hamas than by Israeli fire. To make matters worse Hamas used civilians as human shields and still does, along with other Arab terrorist organizations including Hyzbulah.

  3. Bass Says:

    Israel took land from the Palestinian settlement. two not all muslims hate Israel your ignorance really shows when you say this. Three the countries surrounding Israel are not that rich maybe their leaders who hoarded all the money sent to them through donations to help the palestinian refugees (which it didn’t) but yeah not one country surrounding Israel is rich except for the Emirates but they don’t do anything to Israel. Three I have friends who are gay and no I don’t push gay peers to suicide I respect them for their decision you ignorant piece of trash, way to try to throw this whole conversation in another direction you failed horribly. And I know groups like Hamas accept weapons and donations from Iran and Syria I highly doubt would give anything in the state that it is in. And yes I know HEZBOLLAH (Not hyzbollah) get weapons from Iran, but I really don’t care because Israel is asking Hezbollah and Hamas to disarm, something that I would love to see happen because one my family lives in Lebanon and it is a beautiful place that has seen enough wars and I would love to go there again this summer, and disarming is something they won’t do unless Israel disarms and Israel, feeling so high an mighty in the fact that it get more millitary aid than Lebanon and all other arab countries, feels that it has to have its Merkavas drive around the borders and have their gaurds stand near the boarder with M-16’s that have just flown in from the US. and you want to know why all the Arab countries surrounding Israel hate Israel, it’s because when Israel was formed all Palestinian residence living in the area of what is now today Israel, were literally kicked out, their homes were destroyed and they were forced to relocate. And I know alot more about the Middle East than you probably would ever know in your life. Israel is a great country I would admit but if it won’t disarm then there will always be millitary tensions. And yes I know more Gazans were killed by Hamas leaders, but Israel still used white phosphorous on civilians in most of its engagments in Palestine. Even today they do helicopter missile runs on targets they “SUSPECT” to belong to hamas. And to be honest Hamas and Hezbollah aren’t even terrorist groups, if you want to protect your country from an outside force then that is Patriotism, if you intentionally kill civilians then that is terrorism and I know some acts of HAMAS are terrorist acts but that doesn’t make them a terrorist group. They have done more good than bad but I do not side with them. Hezbollah isn’t even a problem they actually fixed Lebanons problem by driving out Israel from southern Lebanon and driving out Syria troops. When it comes to it unless all three group and all arab countries agree to disarm and settle upon agreeable conditions (which lebanon doesn’t need to do as a state) there will always be conflicts.

  4. leanpower Says:

    I will not try to convince you whether I know more about the middle east than you or not! I will also not dispute that not all Arabs in the middle east hate Israel and want to destroy it. But I am sure you know that most imams in the middle east and in the Muslim world call for the destruction of Israel and have done so for the last 63 years!
    The political, population and military weight is with the Arab/Muslim world not with Israel, the fact that Israel prevailed and survived until now does not make it a bully, only more resilient and determined! Israel has no place to go but the Arabs and Muslims around it have multiple choices!
    Finally for the last 150 years Jews and Israeli settled on land they bought legally or vacant land uninhabitable or abandoned with very few exceptions. Both my parents in their youth contracted malaria working to dry up marshes in central Israel which is now the most fertile land. Later on when my father worked in Orange groves there were arabs working for him who came from all over the middle east and as far as the Sudan because they came looking for work, education and medical services and away from feudal lords.

  5. Bass Says:

    Yes I know what most Imams want but what they want is too extreme which is why these last 63 years have been full of violence And dude you are trying to convince me that all of Israel is bought land not land that the British took from settled palestines. But after you get past that the only real problem is that the whole middle east just wo’t disarm if all countries just disarm then there wouldn’t be conflicts. and it is very nice that your parents did that and yes a large part of the middleast still has tribes, My uncles in Lebanon were once poor and couldn’t make enough money to help send my mother to school when she was a child so they built a winery and now a large part of the village works for him. Lebanon is not like the other middleastern countries it is starting to turn into a country like Israel it is almost civilized the only problem we have is Hezbollah not disarming and being part of the government but since Lebanon is now a democracy Hezbollah might just fallout of government control. see since hezbollah became part of the govt right before Lebanon became a democracy, hezbollah thought it would be able to take control of lebanon but now they are screwed. I would love to one day see israel and lebanon working hand in hand in moving forward with the middle east. I want to see the middle east become one big group of allies with Israel.

  6. leanpowerL Says:

    bravo, may peace come to all people

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