Posted on December 27, 2016 by leanpower

Hypocrisy par excellence 

I totally disagree with the statement for the following reasons:
There is one misstatement in the narrative the Arabs have not agreed to anything yet, not even in Oslo; outside of security arrangements such as cooperation, training of their security forces and arms and equipment that Israel supplied. 
Do not forget that Ehud Barack agreed to all of their conditions except the right of return and Arafat blew him off. Also except for king Hussein no Arab Leader survived peace agreement or negotiations including Hussein’s grandfather.
No matter what Israel offers it then becomes the new starting point for the remainder of the process which has only one conclusion in one side’s mind – it is the destruction of Israel and getting rid of the Jews this is the only picture in their minds, agendas, visions and goal.
After almost 70 year of wars, terror and ganging up on Israel by the UN institutions guided by a huge bloc of Muslim countries and those who need Arab oil and European Hypocrisy while expecting the world to support the descendants of 700,000 refugees while Israel absorbed a million Jews from Arab countries and millions of the Holocaust survivors without UN help, and with German blood moneThe UNSC resolution will do nothing but confirm to the Arabs that no matter how many wars they will launch or how many times they walked away from paying lip service to negotiation they will get everything they want because they are the elephant or the Goliath in the room and their pressure on the hypocrites of the world will get them what they want.

This has nothing to do as to whether I agree or accept the facts of how Israel deals with Arabs who live in the West Bank, I hope they find more human ways and still protect all of Israels citizens to live in peace. 
I quote Karly:
“My position on the UNSC Resolution: The resolution supports the State of Israel legally and legitimately on the borders of 1949 not 1947 which is 78% of the land between the river and the sea and then says that anything beyond that will be accepted as the result of negotiations with the Palestinians – who btw – have accepted the principle of annexation and 1:1 territorial swaps – the resolution is against legalizing the one sided annexation by Israel of territory acquired in war and calls for the parties to return to negotiations while fighting against terrorism and incitement. The resolution is not against Jewish prayer at the Kotel or Jewish connection to the Temple Mount. It is against the illegal transfer of civilians from Israel to the West Bank and East Jerusalem which are territories that Israel agreed would be included in permanent status negotiations with the Palestinians. How could I possibly be against that? –Gershon Baskin”
And about the circumstances:
Israel’s UN Ambassador claims that the Obama administration had a part in formulating the. anti Israeli UN resolution and in advancing the vote. Worse yet the Obama administration was surprised with Israel’s strong reaction because of the extent of the US military aid committed to Israel. This fact and the Statement about Kerry’s intention to lay out his peace vision indicate that both Obama and Kerry are clueless about what drives Israel or the Arabs and Peace means to either side. The same is true for a certain Jewish block in the US and Israel they have taken leave of their common sense as far as understanding the realpolitik of the Middle East. The same ignorance as reflected in prior administration and Israeli politician who tried and failed in every attempt to negotiate an agreement. Whether it was Ike’s gamble on Nasser, Carter’s advances, Clinton’s Camp David, Rabin, Barack, Shamir, Sharon, Olmert. All were doomed to fail before leaving the gate. For one reason there is one side that has no interest in negotiating what they believe will be given to them by pressing Israel to cede to them what they could not accomplish with endless wars and that is to destroy Israel and drive the Jews to the sea!!! 

As much as I do not like Bibi I agree with him that Israel should not turn the other cheek even with ten time the military aid promised.

Quoting Haaretz:

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