Koch network condemns Trump ban on refugees and immigrants

“We believe it is possible to keep Americans safe without excluding people who wish to come here to contribute and pursue a better life for their families,” said the president of the Charles Koch Foundation.

By Matea Gold and James Hohmann    Read more »

Giuliani: Trump asked for a ‘Muslim ban,’ and ordered a commission to do it ‘legally’

Giuliani claims Trump asked him how to create a Muslim ban: “He called me up. He said, ‘Put a commission together. Show me the right way to do it legally.'”

By Amy B Wang    Read more »

Protests erupt across the U.S. after Trump signs travel ban

Protesters in cities across the nation rallied against President Trump’s executive order banning U.S. entry for refugees, migrants and foreign nationals for 120 days. Here’s a look at some of the protests that took place in airports and city squares across the U.S. after the order was sign.

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Demonstrators rally against refugee ban in front of White House, and U.S. airports

Hundreds lined Pennsylvania Ave. chanting “No hate! No fear! Refugees are welcome here.” Others at Dulles International Airport created a cheering section for travelers emerging from customs.

By Faiz Siddiqui, Michael Laris and Michael Alison Chandler    Read more »

Trump promised a great America. That’s exactly what he believes that he is delivering. But that isn’t so,

 The 45th president has taken a series of actions in his first full week that have sent opponents of his agenda into an all out war.  He’s implementing the sorts of ideas that he believes got him elected – but he and the Republican Congress are dead wrong on ACA which a majority likes, on refugee immigration

in a country where everyone is one or descendent of one On a wall that no American wants to pay for. On oil pipes that Americans have been fighting against and only the oil tycoons want.

But he did not act on infrastructure, on taxation to even the load between rich and poor, on the real threats to America climate change and Russian aggression and cyber attacks’

ABOVE an  edited article

Fact Checker: What is the terror threat from foreigners?

Of about 400 individuals charged with or credibly involved in jihad-inspired activity in the U.S. since 9/11, just under half were U.S.-born citizens.

By Michelle Ye Hee Lee    Read more »                            

Meet Judge Ann Donnelly, who halted the refugee deportations — to save a Syrian

She had been on the federal court bench for just over a year when she made headlines worldwide for how she responded to an emergency request from the American Civil Liberties Union.

By Avi Selk    Read more »

‘Trump destroyed my life’

Fuad Sharef and his family were stopped in Cairo even though they had visas.

By Sudarsan Raghavan    Read more »

Iranian ‘is definitely no threat’

The 70-year-old was held at Dallas/Fort Worth International, where her son was waiting.

By Rachel Weiner and Sarah Larimer   

A collection of highlights from WAPO


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