”” Actually it never was a Russian Roulette because the dice were loaded just waiting to roll:

”In the article, Gerasimov explored how social media had fueled the Arab Spring. He noted in the internet-dominated world there were new means for waging war: “political, economic, informational.” And these measures could involve “the protest potential of the population.” In other words, information warfare could be used to weaponize political divisions within another nation. Gerasimov was crafting a doctrine of “hybrid warfare”—a new form of conflict in which “frontal engagements” by army battalions and fighter aircraft would become a “thing of the past,” replaced by hackers and skilled propagandists trained to exploit existing rifts within the ranks of the adversary. “The very ‘rules of war’ have changed,” Gerasimov wrote. “The role of nonmilitary means of achieving political and strategic goals has grown, and, in many cases, they have exceeded the force of weapons in their effectiveness.… Long-distance, contactless actions against the enemy are becoming the main means of achieving combat and operational goals.” Gerasimov did not spell out what “contactless actions” would replace ground troops. But it was not hard to figure out what he was talking about. The Russian intelligence services had become increasingly aggressive and sophisticated in their cyber hacks, penetrating government, business, and media networks all over the world. Russian hackers showed their might in 2007 when they blitzed Estonia. After the Estonian government removed a statue of a Soviet soldier, a massive cyberattack shut down the country’s banking system, the sanitation system, and the websites of government agencies and news organizations. The country was paralyzed for days.”

.”The Russian source delivered what was perhaps his most stunning and consequential revelation later that spring, as the Ukrainian crisis continued. He told his American contact that the Kremlin was planning a wide-ranging, multifaceted campaign to attack Western institutions and undermine Western democracies. The clandestine operation was to include cyberattacks, information warfare, propaganda, and social media campaigns. Here was the Gerasimov doctrine at work. “You have no idea how extensive these networks are in Europe—Germany, Italy, France, and the U.K.—and in the U.S.,” the Russian informant told the U.S. official. “Russia has penetrated media organizations, lobbying firms, political parties, governments, and militaries in all these places.” The Russian informant offered few details—not the names of any agents or the particulars of who was to be attacked and when. But he noted that Russia regularly used its own state-controlled media organizations, including RT (formerly known as Russia Today), and Russian nongovernment organizations to plant agents that worked directly for Russian security agencies.”

”The source,

was heartened by President Ronald Reagan’s anti-Soviet rhetoric. That was what he expected from the U.S. government—to stand firm against aggressors and human rights violators. And that, he said sadly, was not what he was seeing from the Obama administration. Washington was imposing tough sanctions on Russia. But as far as this Russian official viewed it, such measures were not sufficient for confronting what Putin was up to” ””

Quoting from ’Russian Roulette’

It seems that Russian Meddling is a long term Russian Strategy that applies and works everywhere unless it’s preempted. Insiders only make more effective, and there is no question that there were insiders willing and capable as we learn about Cambridge Analytica, a Manafort company that harvested 50 Million American Facebook users’ activities to channel propaganda and alternatives realities for the Trump campaign and other ’contributers’ .

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