NYTimes: John Paul Stevens: Repeal the Second Amendment

John Paul Stevens: Repeal the Second Amendment https://nyti.ms/2pIaPuh

In his oped Judge Stevens points out that the NRA perpetrated a fraud on the American people based on twisting the meaning of a well regulated MILITIA.

Until the NRA raised it’s devious claims there was never a question as to the limits embraced by the second Amendment.

The effect of the NRA litigation and single minded legislation has had a devastating effect on our lives as individuals, as a community and as a people who want to reach HAPPINESS.

It had also took an unbelievable economic and human toll all to benefit fire arms manufacturers, merchants, interest groups and lined up the pockets of greedy politicians, lobbiests and criminal underbelly of our society.

If all the resources expanded on the politics and arms and tending to the victims and their families had been set aside for humaniterian needs we would be better off as a country, a society and individuals.

The NRA ought to go back to being A Sports Club focusing on hunting, competing and social events,it brought on us a dark and devastating era AGAINST the will of the Majority of the AMERICAN people.

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