Palestinian journalist dies after being shot by Israeli forces, it is rather sad but nothing more than an iota of suffering in the perspective of contemporary events!

Palestinian, journalist dies after being shot by Israeli forces.

After Assad and his murderous allies the Iranians, the Iranian Hezbulah mercenaries and Russian cannon fodder murdered hundreds of thousand Syrian civilians with missiles, shelling, poisonous gases, tanks, starvation, preventing medical and humanitarian aid from reaching the vjctims and mass destruction of whole cities and regions. At the same time Hamas’ regime in Gaza conducted it’s own brutal murderous opression of their own and rivals.

And to make the point what is a single casualty when this repeats itself:

Syria Chemical Attack: Footage Shows Families ‘Gassed to Death’; Death Toll Could Surpass 100

Aid group says over 500, mainly women and children, brought to medical centers

A scenario that was a repetition of the civil war in Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon , Tunis, Bosnia, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Slovenia and Turkey where uprisings where suppressed by brute force and mass slaughters who are these moral score keepers to raise Cain over some Arabs out of control in the border areas of Israel with Gaza or around Israeli settlements?

Did any of these righteous crusaders rise in protest when Russian troops overwhelmed Georgia, or Ukraine or the Russian Chechnian massacres.

Israel is using constraind defensive power to contain rioters who wish to destroy the only country in the world where Jews could live without antisemitism, without constant harassment with civil rights and by protecting themselves in spite of a state of beligerence by most arab and Muslim countries and surrounded by a hostile mass of over 100 million Muslim arabs.

Muslim Arabs massacred millions of their own in the past 100 years with the world watching and keeping mum except when European and Israeli forces intervened to abate it.

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